WARNING: People do chase you down to get a closer look at what you are wearing when you have on Wings of Lace!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sewing Room

 My dear friend Tara came over and took about a million pictures of me and my workroom.  I finally choose one with me in it that I could live with. Isn't vanity a Bi#*#.

My story about using law of attraction to create my Wings of Lace business was chosen for their  very first issue of a new magazine  Law of Attraction: Happy Healthy Wealthy, that I believe comes out in June.  It will be sold through major retailers nationwide, including Barnes and Noble, Costco and the grocery store and drug store chains.

Here are some shots of the workroom. I will figure out how to do a photo album and get more pics up.  


  1. The work room has a swing!!!!???? I love it Lexa and thank you so much for making my jeans look so beautiful. See you real soon. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. "just a swingin"...love all the pics and soooo glad all is going well with ya! Check out the June issue of Southern Living.....you just might recognize an article about Canton shopping and some of your "Texas" friends!
    Hugs....Cathy aka GGJ